Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Faviana is a fabulous prom dress designer, with tons of beautiful innovative designs. We will be reviewing their 2011 prom line and making our selections for the prom 2011 book. We also reviewed Wow's new line today and it is absolutely wonderful! We are so excited for the 2011 prom season after seeing all of the great new prom lines!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are back in town this week and doing a lot of work for the upcoming photo shoot. Building sets and testing shots to make sure everything is perfect for the 2011 prom book! We are still traveling also carefully viewing the upcoming lines for 2011. We have seen some beautiful prom dresses and we are so excited to begin the photo shoot to show off all the new styles for the 2011 season. Remember many of the dresses at Cinderella's Closet have been marked down so come check it out to get some GREAT deals!

Friday, June 25, 2010

House of Wu

The House of Wu is truly a leader in the industry of prom. For more than 15 years the company has shaped the trends of prom from it's signature line, Tiffany Designs, to affordable prom dresses, Studio 17, to sexy prom dresses with a fashion forward edge, Panoply, short prom dresses, Hannah S, and the top trend print prom dresses, Tiffany Prints.
With one of the largest lines, House of Wu is vital to Cinderella's Closet. This trip really lets us get a feel for the pulse of prom.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plane Day

Traveling today. Landed back in Atlanta late last night and headed to House of Wu in Fort Myers today.
House of Wu has 4 prom lines carried by Cinderella's Closet: Tiffany Designs, Panoply, Studio 17, and Hannah S.

More on Trend

We finish up today at our first trip for Prom 2011. The prom dresses are even more beautiful this year than last. Yesterday we chatted about Prom Trends for Prom 2011.
The ball gown will be making a comeback in 2011. Full skirted prom dresses have been gaining in popularity in the last couple years and new treatments for 2011, including gorgeous animal bodices, print skirts, and low cut halters can make the choice of a ball gown prom a very sexy choice. Don't make the mistake of thinking all ball gown are sweet little girl dresses, they make a sophisticated red carpet prom look.
If you aren't ready for a full on ball gown, look at A-line styles which will be big again this year. A-lines flatter every body type, from size 2 to 22.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First trip for Prom 2011

It seems like we just wrapped up Prom 2010, which by the way, was absolutely fantastic. (Our best ever.) But, it is already time for us here at Cinderella's Closet to start thinking about Prom 2011. Yesterday the owner and I flew out to Memphis to see Night Moves. Night Moves was a fantastic company last year with beautiful classics and edgy designs, including the gorgeous A308 printed strapless prom dress that was available also as a short prom dress.
Today we have begun the shows for the Prom 2011 line. This is an exciting time as we have the opportunity to see every sample the company has selected. There are more than 600 designs from Night Moves alone, which will be whittled down to the 70-100 pieces that will make up the Prom 2011 Night Moves line. As a leader in the industry, Cinderella's Closet has the chance to shape the trend of prom.
On trend right now: One Shoulder prom dresses are still going to be strong with a new spin of soft shoulder featuring just one cap sleeve. Prints will continue to be a major part of the industry with colors getting more daring and prints bolder. Short prom dresses will continue to grow in importance as more and more girls choose to wear a short prom dress to make dancing more fun. Also, colors this year will be Yellow, Red, Black, Turquoise, and Purple!
Stay tuned we head to the House of Wu on Thursday!!