Thursday, January 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes!

2012 Cinderella’s Closet Collection showcases the hottest gowns this prom season! “Sail with me” takes you on a journey through 111 pages of beautiful scenery and gorgeous gowns to fit the different styles and tastes of our customers. The owner of Cinderella’s Closet spent many long weeks planning the photo shoot. It all began with our model search back in April. We chose many local beautiful young ladies and handsome young men to be our models. From then, each camera angle, pose, and location took much consideration and planning. Armed with lights, cameras, makeup brushes, curling irons, sparkling jewels, and emergency dress clips, the team set out to Lake Lanier Islands Resort to capture the perfect prom scene! Our team geared up and glammed up for two weeks straight! All the pictures in the catalog were shot by the owner herself. This photo shoot took a lot of dedication, and the hard work has paid off with this stunning catalog! Through 115 degree weather and surprise thunderstorms, we still had a blast working this photo shoot!  Here are some exclusive pictures Behind the Scenes of 2012 Cinderella’s Closet Collection courtesy of Stan Hester Photography!

Behind the Scenes

Final Shot Page 101

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