Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quince's over - now what do I do with my dress?

Quinceanera bashes take a lot of time and preparation to get just right and the months before the actual planning takes place, the Quinceanera dress must be chosen. It sets the tone for the rest of the party decorations, theme, and the court's attire as well. A typical Quinceanera dress can run anywhere from $450 up to the thousands, needless to say, they are quite the investment. Now that you Quinceanera is over you may be wondering if you're beautiful dress will ever see the light of day again. As grand all Quinceanera ballgowns are there wont be many other moments where you may see fit for that type of formal wear. Here are some options on how what to do with your Quinceranera dress:

1. Save it - Preserve your dress to pass down to your future daughter or niece. Be sure to buy a XL garment bag or dress box and keep it in a safe place.

2. Sell it - Websites like ebay and craigslist are filled with free classified ads that you can post your Quinceanera dress for another potential buyer to purchase. Keep in mind to keep the price fair, and upload a clear picture with a good description. The more information and pictures you have about your dress, the more likely it is to sell faster.

3. Donate it - If you were lucky enough to purchase a nice Quinceanera dress give back to those young girls who are less fortunate and donate your old gown. Many shelters and organizations sponsor dress drives in your area if you do a local search. Think about how special you can make someone else feel!

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