Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Modeling Tips! Be prepared for the Teen Board modeling auditions!

In spirit of our Teen Board modeling auditions this Saturday  8/25 we want to provide a few tips for girls to help them land the position! We hope this helps!

1. Look the part - Wear an outfit that shows off your personal style and personality. Just don't overdo it! The judges still want to see your figure.

2. Show your personality - Teen Board girls will be modeling all of our newest dresses in store, either as a live mannequin or walking in one of our many fashion shows, but they will also be a spokesperson for the Cinderella's Closet company. When the judges ask you a question, speak clearly and with enthusiasm. Bring up any special hobbies, school organizations you are involved in, sports you play, volunteer work you have done, etc. Importantly, be yourself!

3. Practice - Though no modeling experience is necessary to land a spot on the Teen Board, you may still want to flip through some fashion magazines to recreate some poses from your favorite supermodel. Think of this as extra credit and the judges will take notice!

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