Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow! Over the weekend we experienced 2 different scenarios of customers wanting to buy the same prom dress. This can be a very tricky situation because you want all your customers to have a wonderful time shopping for that special dream dress. I always have this nightmare of Feline’s basement where the 2 girls are fighting over a dress; then I wake up in a sweat. Prom dress shopping is a very personal affair so it can get nasty, and I mean it can get nasty very quickly. My advice to shoppers would be to make sure to hold on to your special dress and don’t let it go until you are entirely sure that you don’t want the dress. Otherwise, your mind may be made up for you and the dress may be gone and that is never a good situation. So, the lesson to this story is BUY YOUR DRESS when you find one you love.

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