Monday, February 8, 2010

Shop to Support Haiti Success!

What a great weekend! We had our Shop for Haiti where we are donating $5 for every dress we sold and we are proud to say that we are donating $340.00 back to the American Red Cross for the Haiti Recovery Program.

I really enjoyed working this weekend. Our staff did an awesome job of giving great customer service and I was very proud of them. When girls are shopping for prom dresses, it is a very personal experience for them and we want to make that experience memorable. I have explained to my staff, that to me, it is very, very important that we have something that no one else has and that happens to be the very best customer service. To me, that is what makes a company special and creates loyalty with customers. When I go shopping, if I don’t get fantastic customer service I simply turn around and leave. I think this may be a dying art because sadly there are very few places I can go and get this precious commodity (Great Customer Service). I feel that each person should be treated as if they were your best friend. Care about this person and help them find the perfect prom or pageant dress. If your best friend came in the store wouldn’t you pull dresses for them, find earrings and shoes and a purse. Get on the stage with them and help them put these things on. Show them your personal favorites and all the latest gowns that just arrived? That is what a customer wants, to feel special and educated on the latest fashions. And I am proud to say that I think all our sales staff accomplished making our customers feel special.

I also want to thank our new Teen Board Members for coming out and modeling our prom dresses for our customers. That really helped the customers to see what different styles look like on the body. I would say overall this was a great weekend with an enthusiastic group of young ladies learning to be great salespeople and to be compassionate about their customers.

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