Friday, June 8, 2012

Country stars done Sherri Hill prom dresses!

Prom dresses are so versatile they can be used for any special occasion! Short prom dresses are making a huge comeback and these country stars shined on the CMT Music awards red carpet in their prom dress fashions! One star that really showed up and out country style is Paige Duke. She's right on trend with her high/low hem Sherri Hill prom dress. Her brown cowboy boots may not be everyone's cup of tea but we really loved how she showed her personal style with her and her unconventional, yet funky choice of shoes. I mean, it is the country music awards isn't it?
Get a similar look like Paige Duke's with Sherri Hill prom dress #3851 
Sherri Hill prom dress #3851

and a pair of Helen's Heart sequined cowboy boots! 
Helen's Heart sequin cowboy boots #LB-0290-10
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