Friday, June 22, 2012

Glitz and 'Natural" child beauty pageants - what's the difference?

Pageant season is in full swing and our phones have been ringing off the hooks from pageant moms inquiring about the lovely little girl pageant dresses that are available on our website. For a lot of these moms this will be the first time they are entering their little girls in the beauty pageant circuit and they have to ask themselves: glitz or natural pageant?

But what's the difference?

 "Glitz" pageants, hence the name, are the extravagant style little girl pageants that are shown on controversial TV shows like "Toddlers and Tiaras". The contestants are encouraged to wear makeup, big "Dolly Parton" style hair styles with fake hairpieces, "glitz" dresses heavily decorated with sequins and jewels, "flippers" (fake teeth), and spray tans. Competition is fierce with swimsuit and costume talent portions of the show. The little girls undergo a complete transformation into a life sized porcelain doll and it is quite an expensive investment as well. Some parents spend up to over 100,000/year on glitz pageants for the daughters.

"Natural" pageants are just the opposite. Instead of encouraging the contestants to look made up, girls under the age of 13 are forbidden from wearing makeup. If makeup is used, it must be kept as light and natural as possible. "Flippers" (fake teeth) are forbidden as well. Most natural pageants do not include a swimsuit portion at all but if so, swimsuits must be one pieces. Contestants must wear their natural hair and pageant dresses are very girly and childlike. Instead of the routine performances of "glitz" pageants an interview is conducted as a way to show the little girl's personality. 

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