Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pageant Tip: Think Like a Politician!

Pageants aren't just a beauty contest, the perfect contestant must be a number of things: well rounded, caring, intelligent, and compassionate. The interview question can make or break your chance at winning the crown and some of these questions can be tough to answer. Here are some tips to prevent those pesky slip ups on stage.

1. Research, research, research. There's nothing worse than being asked a question and you have no clue what to say. You don't have to read the encyclopedia front to back but be aware of the current world events. (correct names, correct locations, etc.) Prepare how you would for a final for a class.
2. Know your stance. Pageant judges can ask you any question from your favorite movie to what's your opinion on abortion and you have to have to have an opinion.
3. Speak clearly. Its okay to ask the judge to repeat their question if you didn't hear correctly. Trust us, you won't get penalized.
4.  Smile and be confident. You may wished you can go back and answer a question differently in the end, but whatever your answer is you must believe in it, if you don't, the judges won't either. Even if you're not sure if you answered your best, always give off confidence in your answer and finish with a big smile!

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