Monday, February 18, 2013

Get Fit in 90 Days

Prom is fast approaching! So we talked with personal trainer Javonne Blackley about how to get in shape!
Make healthy food choices. Limit eating out to twice a month. Avoid foods high in fat and sugar. Choose healthy snacks like apples, nuts or yogurt instead of empty calorie snacks.
Do NOT skip meals. Skipping meals slows your metabolism down and its ability to quickly burn off calories. Aim for 5 healthy meals a day. Sign up for a free account at to track your recommended calories and record your exercise. Do it with a friend and be held accountable!

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Incorporate strength training and cardio into your routine for your healthiest you! Muscle reduces body fat and helps with achieving a flattering shape. Show off your back, defined arms and toned legs without all the fuss. For a daily workout routine, check out

Team up. Grab your girls and commit to this 90-day challenge! Have fun, gain support and motivation, while achieving your goals. Sign up for Group Fitness Coaching at


By: Javonne Blackley, Certified Fitness Trainer

Dynamic Sports & Fitness, LLC

Miss Georgia Jazz Wilkins certainly looks in shape! We love her toned arms!

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