Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prom Nightmare

So. it's prom night and you are ready to make your grand entrance, right? Well, what happens if your big moment is interrupted by a big embarrassment?

What's your prom nightmare? Someone stepping on your dress? Spilling spaghetti down the front of your gown? Wiping out right at your big moment?

Most any embarrassment can be carried off with aplomb if you keep your attitude in mind. Attitude really i everything. Someone steps on your dress? Show Mr. two left feet how to really dance! Spaghetti on your dress? Well, at least it was delicious! Wiping out? Take a cue from Jennifer Lawerence!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

 Jennifer has had a few faux pas lately at award shows. From her "wardrobe malfunction"  at the Screen Actors Guild awards to her recent stumble at the Oscars. Of course, her Dior gown merely revealed a bit of it's construction which Jennifer stated gracefully. And then, last Sunday she slipped on the stairs headed up to accept her Oscar. She handled the situation perfectly, tossing a joke the audience making everyone laugh and seeming to still fully enjoy her moment in the spotlight.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So, if your prom night is fraught with a few imperfections...remember, it's those flaws that make it memorable. Enjoy every moment of your night!

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